Nov 27, 2013


Brother’s and Sisters,

We are at our one year point of having our Group AFLAC Policies. This ended up being a great fundraiser for our State Lodge. As a reminder for those of you that participated, don’t forget to schedule your Wellness Checks. These are worth $60.00 for each of your family members. So, Family of 4, would get $240. It’s easy Christmas money. Don’t forget those forms are on the AFLAC Group website and not the standard AFLAC website.

For those of you that did not participate, you can sign up now. Our AFLAC Group rates are much cheaper than the Standard AFLAC Individual Rates and the payouts are higher.

AFLAC Group Accident- Family 4 $37.87 per month, Individual $ 16.20, Husband/Wife $23.18

AFLAC Individual Accident – Family $52, Individual $ 28.70, Husband/Wife $37.83

AFLAC Individual Plans only payout one $60 Wellness Check per family per year.

AFLAC Group Accident Plan pays out $60 per member each year.

Our Hospital Plan also has better benefits than the Individual plans as well.

Our Group Rates are locked in at 2011 prices and you can ‘t get that anywhere else. Group is only available to groups over 100 members, (We are over 100 members and all FOP Members are eligible). This cuts out many Officers that only belong to small agencies.

If your interest call or email Paul Frampton, 503-347-7410, frampton23@gmail.com. We also have a link in our Members section of our website.

Anyone can also call me for an explanation of the policies.

If you already have our Group Plan/s, please help spread the word and get some new members to sign up so they too can have access to the Group Rate.

I am trying to figure out a meeting date soon and will let everyone know as soon I get the date.

Have a good Thanksgiving and stay safe,

Rod Edwards, President
Oregon Lodge #7
Fraternal Order of Police

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