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Thank you for your interest in the Fraternal Order of Police Willamette Valley Lodge #7.  This page provides information on FOP Membership. Choose from one of the following applicable individual membership options.  If your agency is interested in using the FOP as their Labor Bargaining Unit, please inquire about Labor Services Membership.  All Willamette Valley Lodge 7 members automatically receive Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance when they join Click here for details.  After your membership has been accepted, please complete the Life Insurance Beneficiary Form and mail the original to the address indicated at the top of the form.  All completed beneficiary forms will be kept on file to be used in the event of your death.  If at any time, you wish to change your beneficiary(s), you must submit a new beneficiary form which will supersede all other previously dated forms.  You can obtain the Life Insurance Beneficiary Form by clicking here.

While completing the membership application (after clicking on one of the “Sign Up” icons below), it is important that you take the time to fill in each of the fields and check the box to accept the terms of use.  Most of the fields on the registration page are required information, and failure to submit a complete registration form may result in a rejection of your registration by the Lodge 7 website filter.  If you do not receive a “Pending Membership” email reply within 5 minutes, from the time that you submit your application, then it’s likely that there was an error in the process and as a result we did not receive your application.  You may remedy this error by re-submitting a completed registration form.  If the error persists, please contact us for assistance. Failure to complete the membership registration and payment process within one month will result in your application being rejected and removed from our system; you may submit another membership application at a later date.

In the below listed Legal Defense Plan descriptions, the phrase “Sworn Law Enforcement Officers” includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Federal Officers, State Police, County Deputies, Municipal Police, Sworn Federal-State-County Corrections Personnel, and applies to all ranks within the aforementioned job classifications.  There are several other organizations which also fall into this category, so if you’re unsure if you qualify for a Legal Defense Plan which has “Sworn Law Enforcement Officers” as a prerequisite, please inquire.

Due to the substantial size of Willamette Valley Lodge 7, and in order to keep processing time to a minimum, a PayPal account is required for individual membership.  Registration for FOP membership on this particular website is dedicated to individuals who live or work within the jurisdiction of Willamette Valley Lodge 7 (Light-blue area on map: click here).  Please note, that although individuals may choose to join whichever Lodge they wish, it is strongly encouraged that they join the Lodge within their area and that they consider switching Lodges if they should ever move to a different area within the State of Oregon.  You may register to join different Oregon FOP Lodges by contacting the applicable area’s lodge representative by going to the National FOP Lodge Location Map by clicking here, or by contacting us directly through the State FOP website by clicking here.

*** Applications submitted by way of the DuckDuckGo internet browser will NOT be accepted ***


You can find the detailed description for each legal plan on the FOP Legal Defense Plan website. Disregard the plan names and prices on the web page. Lodge 7 receives a Group Discount and we collect monthly Lodge Dues with the monthly installments for the legal plan chosen by the member. The Lodge then pays semi-annually, for all members who participate in the FOP Legal Defense Plan, to the Plan Provider.


The Labor Services Membership plan only applies to agencies that use the FOP as their bargaining unit. For questions on eligibility for the Labor Services membership plan please feel free to contact us.


Once the initiation fee and any legal plan start-up costs are collected and your application is approved, your name will be entered into the National Registry and on to the Oregon State FOP Lodge roster. We will then be able to sign you up for the Legal Defense Plan you chose through the plan administrator using the start-up cost money collected.

To summarize, all new members must complete the new member registration form by clicking the sign up button at the top this page for the desired membership plan. Please choose from the following membership plans:

  • Standard Membership – $20.00 Initiation Fee then paid annual at $120.00.
  • Legal Plan A- $50.00 Initiation Fee then paid monthly at $16.10.
  • Legal Plan B- $80.00 Initiation Fee then paid monthly at $37.00.
  • Legal Plan G- $80.00 Initiation Fee then paid monthly at $37.00.
  • Legal Plan L- $50.00 Initiation Fee then paid monthly at $16.10.

New members accepted into the Lodge will receive a welcome email with instructions on setting up a billing agreement to pay the initiation fee and dues. All new members will receive Lodge updates to the email address on file. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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