FOP Oregon Lodge Area Map

Based on the location of the agency for which you work, review the FOP Oregon Lodge Area Map, by clicking on the above image, for your local Fraternal Order of Police Lodge. Registration for FOP membership on this particular website is dedicated to individuals who live or work within the jurisdiction of Willamette Valley Lodge 7 (Light-blue area on map).  You may register to join different Oregon FOP Lodges by contacting the applicable area’s lodge representative by going to the National FOP Lodge Location Map by clicking here, or by contacting us directly through the State FOP website by clicking here.

If the local FOP Lodge in your area is unable to accept your membership due to job classification or if you’re unable to purchase a specific type of Legal Defense Coverage in your area, which only Lodge 7 offers, please contact us for an exception to the aforementioned FOP Lodge Area guideline.

Oregon FOP Lodge 7 Contact Information:

Willamette Valley Lodge 7:  President Roger Edwards  –  (503) 312-7488  –

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