Who is the Oregon State Fraternal Order of Police General Counsel to which Oregon State FOP members can direct legal questions?

Daniel E. Thenell
6 Centerpointe Dr, Ste 450
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
O:  (503) 372-6450

C:  (503) 799-9223

F:  (503) 372-6496


How do I file a claim?

  1. You can report your claim by calling Sedgwick toll-free at 866-857-3276 and a representative will take your information over the phone. Sedgwick will then email your completed claim form to you to sign, date and return for their file;  OR
  2. Go to and submit it electronically.  On the home page, click on the “Plan Attorney & Claims” tab and then select “Claim Reporting Form“.  Click on the Claims Reporting Form blue icon.  Complete the form and click “Submit” and it will automatically be sent to Sedgwick for processing.
  3. If you are seeking  legal assistance, you can choose your attorney at .  On the Home page, click on the “Plan Attorney & Claims” tab and then select “Plan Attorney“.  Click on the blue “Plan Attorney Search” icon and enter your state.  Select from the listed attorneys in your area.  You contact them directly by calling the number(s) listed or by clicking on the email icon.  Make sure to include your attorney information on your claim form.  You can also direct any claim questions or inquiries by calling 866-857-3276 or by emailing:

Are there limits on legal fees?

Not if your attorney is a Plan Attorney.

What if I’m involved in an off-duty HR-218 incident?

If you are an active officer covered by the FOP Legal Defense Plan, coverage for HR-218 is automatically included.

How do I find a Plan attorney if I don’t know one in my area?

A complete list of plan attorneys are available here online, you can call Sedgwick Claims Management Services for assistance at 866-857-3276, or contact your local or state lodge for a recommendation.

What if I am disciplined administratively by my employer for something that occurred off-duty and not within the scope of employment?
FOP Legal Defense Plan with the Administrative coverage option automatically includes off-duty/out-of-scope coverage for these situations.

What is the FOP Legal Defense Plan?
A self-funded ERISA plan that is available to eligible FOP groups and individual members. The Plan provides coverage for administrative proceedings, including those arising off-duty and outside the scope of employment, civil lawsuits, and criminal investigations, prosecutions, and grand jury proceedings that arise in the scope of your law enforcement employments.

Who owns the FOP Legal Defense Plan and how long has the Plan been in operation?
The Legal Defense Plan was created and sponsored by the FOP Grand Lodge on May 1, 1995. Decisions surrounding the operation of the Legal Defense Plan are made by the appointed FOP Legal Defense Plan Board.

How do I enroll in the FOP Legal Defense Plan and when will coverage be effective?
The effective date of coverage for any participant will be the following day after approval of the completed application and receipt of participation fees.

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What is the process for non-active retired officer HR-218 enrollment?

HR-218 is the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004. It exempts active and retired law enforcement officers with firearm certification credentials from local laws (with some exceptions) prohibiting concealed firearms.

FOP Legal Defense Plan offers HR-218 coverage for FOP retired law enforcement officers. This plan offers Unlimited Legal Defense for civil and criminal claims associated with the legal carrying and/or use of a weapon: all reasonable and necessary Legal Defense Costs are covered in full when using a Plan Attorney. This Plan provides coverage not only for those retirees who were qualified under LEOSA, but also those retirees who are qualified under their own state laws to carry a concealed weapon.  The annual coverage cost is $75 per participant.

If you are an active officer, already covered by the FOP Legal Defense Plan, HR-218 coverage is automatically included. Retired officers are not eligible for participation in the FOP Legal Defense Plan, and therefore would need to purchase HR-218 coverage separately from the Plan.

                                  Process for non-active retired officer HR-218 enrollment:

  1. Go to the Lodge 7 Membership Registration Page and click on the “Sign Up” icon for Standard F.O.P. Membership. If you are already a “Standard” FOP member, you may proceed to step #2. If you are not an FOP member, you will need to first obtain your membership number before you can complete the application process.  If you are an FOP member and you do not know your membership number, you may find it on the back of your National FOP membership card, or you may contact us for assistance.  Please note that if you currently have a Legal Defense Plan, you will need to inform us that you would like to replace it with Standard Membership.
  2. Go to the FOP Legal Defense Plan HR-218 Enrollment website and click on the HR-218 Application icon.  Complete the application and then click on the “Continue to Payment” icon at the bottom of the page.  You will receive your ID card, (view plan booklet by clicking here) and certificate of participation within 30 days after the approval of your application.  For immediate assistance, please contact Maureen Jagos at 800-341-6038 or

What is the process for Moonlighting Liability Insurance Program Enrollment?

The Moonlighting Liability Insurance Program protects individual peace officers who perform extra duty jobs. In addition to protecting the officer, coverage is extended to the non-governmental entity that has contracted the officer’s services.  By offering protection to the extra duty employer you have a distinct marketing advantage over other programs, which may not extend coverage to the hiring entity.

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